Surfing is our passion: chasing the waves, constantly improving our skills, finding new spots and get the maximum out of every surf session. Read about the beauty of surfing, the spots we explored and the surfers we met in the lineup or on the shore. Travelling with a surfboard can also be a struggle sometimes – but with the proper know-how many of it can be avoided. We can’t promise you perfect waves but we hope that you benefit from our experiences and get inspired to ride!


New Zealand Surf Trip with a Campervan

Written by Melanie. Original publication in German on 20min.chWith or without surfboard – the best way to explore New Zealand is with a van. … Read More

Andi – Swiss Surfer in California

California should definitively be on everyone’s surf trip list. Even better if you live there – like Andi. He is an old friend from … Read More

ENLAIN – Holz Surfboard made in Switzerland

Die Schweiz hat auch ohne Meer eine beachtliche Anzahl an Surfern. Die meisten kombinieren ihre Leidenschaft mit Reisen und suchen in der Ferne nach … Read More

Japan – the underrated surf destination

Written by Melanie. Original publication in German on 20min.chYou don’t carry your luggage in Japan – You send it by courier to your accommodation. … Read More

Why Surfers should learn Freediving

The joy about surfing a wave can quickly change into fear for ones life, when a wave buries you with tons of water. In … Read More

Indonesia, Java: Secret Surf Spot

The search for waves is a special kind of rush. Indonesia with over 17’500 island is a paradise for surfers. Countless surfspot are yet to … Read More

Bus to Surf Towns in Panama

You can get to any town in Panama, you just have to change the bus several times. Going across the country on the Pan … Read More

Anna & Niall – Surf Campervan New Zealand

PiwiWiwi – Perfect Individual Wonderful Interesting Wicked Insane World-class Irresistible surf trip in New Zealand! These are the words that come to our mind … Read More

Best Travel Surfboard Repair Kit

Your surfboard is going to get dinged! Reef, rocks, baggage handlers, your own recklessness or the brute force of the ocean – one of … Read More

Surf in Japan – season, spots, wetsuit, surfboard

There is tons of information on the internet about surfing in Japan. Unfortunately most of it is in Japanese and that makes planning a … Read More

Surfing in Japan with Dane Gillett

Dane is a real waterman. If he isn`t riding the waves on his surfboard or SUP (stand up paddle) you will find him in … Read More

Surfing in Taiwan

In the depth of many surf forums we read about the tropical island of Taiwan and were intrigued by what we learned – chinese … Read More

Big Daddy’s Surfcamp – Red Island, Java

We didn’t know what to expect, when we arrived at Pulau Merah. This beautiful place sits at the edge of East Java and is among surfers … Read More

Saddam – Surf Pioneer of Aceh, Sumatra

Civil war, sharia, tsunami – many travelers might be put off to travel to Banda Aceh, North Sumatra. To be honest, we were also … Read More

Getting around in Bali

Bali – the island of the gods as they call it. But we would also call it the island of the opposites. Drunken party … Read More

Lea Apolonio – Surfer & Entrepreneur

San Juan in North Luzon Philippines is one of these places where surfing just recently took off. And the development is rapid. Almost every … Read More

Bali -the happy place for surfers

Article by Melanie on Reverse Magazine: BALI, FINALLY!As the airplane descends, you can already see waves and people surfing, as two of our favorite surf … Read More

Wayan Santika – Surf Guide Bali

It is still dark outside, when we leave our apartment to meet Wayan, our good old friend and surf guide in Bali. We know … Read More

Air Berlin – Worst Airline for Surfers

An airlines shows its true face when shit hits the fan. When something is out of the ordinary and it’s not a smooth journey … Read More

Gone Surfing

Article by Melanie on Reverse Magazine: Gone surfing! If we still had an apartment, that sign would hang on our front door for the … Read More

How to ride a Flowrider

If you’re going to expect some pro tips on how to ride a FlowRider you’re at the wrong place. We tried out a FlowRider … Read More

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