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Bali -the happy place for surfers

Article by Melanie on Reverse Magazine


As the airplane descends, you can already see waves and people surfing, as two of our favorite surf spots are located right next to the runway of Nguruh Rai International Airport. I started to feel a pleasant tingling sensation while thinking of our first surf session the next day. After almost a month traveling in Malaysia and Singapore, we finally arrived in Bali — it feels like coming home.

We stepped out in the entry hall and in the crowd I could see Wayan joyfully waving at us and smiling. It was so good to see him again. We’ve known each other for ten years. After working as a surf coach at the Bali camp, he started his own business as a surf and tour guide. Tourism in Bali has exploded in the recent years and un-crowded waves are hard to find. But if you are still looking for spots off the beaten track, Wayan is the man!

Bali is the rock star among the 17,500 Islands that comprise Indonesia.Thanks to its beauty, culture and sick surf, Bali has grown into one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. It hooked me immediately when I visited it for the first time in 2005. But the drastic change it underwent can’t diminish my love for the place.  I love the “Bali Vibe” — maybe it is the comforting smell of the little offerings that fill the air, or maybe the happy smiles on the people’s faces and the good energy that makes everything seem so easy.

No hurry – no worry

“No stress in Bali” is also Wayan’s mantra. And it seems to work for him pretty well: As we hit the chaos of the traffic on the main road, he steered the car skillfully and calmly through the mess while we were excitingly chatting and ........



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