Hey there!

Glad you found us here in the World Wide Web while we are surfing the real world. We, Gabriel and Meli, are passionate surfers, snowboarders and professional travelers with the dream of a 18-month-world-surf-trip (its taking longer: check out status here). We launched Layback Travel Magazine in the same moment we took off for the surf trip of our live. We want to travel along the wave and surf the entire Pacific Ocean to discover new surf spots, cultures and countries. Chasing waves has always been the driving force in our earlier trips together. And this time there will be almost no limits to it: We quite our apartment, our jobs and left behind only a few things. And we needed to say good-bye to our loved family and friends. So we came up with the idea of documenting our journey and sharing it online.


When we decided to set up Layback Travel, a surf travel magazine, we both wanted it to be more than a “I was here and did this”- travel blog. You will find entertaining stories about our surf and travel adventures and about interesting people that crossed our path. Not only from the current trip but also from previous travels. We like to provide helpful tips by sharing our experience. But last but not least we hope that our stories and pictures will be inspiring to you. And of course we are stoked by every feedback we might get from wherever in the world it may come!

Enjoy and Ride on!

Meli & Gabriel

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