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Gone Surfing

Article by Melanie on Reverse Magazine:

Gone surfing! If we still had an apartment, that sign would hang on our front door for the next 18 months, at least. Because my boyfriend and I just took off for the surfing trip of our lives: We are planning to travel for over a year and a half to chase the waves in the Pacific Ocean. We gave up our jobs, our apartment and sold most of our stuff to be free and spontaneous. We haven’t planned much in advance. We haven’t booked hotels or flights so far, and there’s no specific route — but we do know one thing for sure: It’s going to be rad! And we’re going to have a bunch of great stories to tell. So we started laybacktravel.com — a surf travel blog — and I am stoked that we can share stories here on Reverse Magazine. Hopefully we’ll inspire some of you with new (surf) spots.


One of the most popular questions that (mostly) girls asked me before I left, was: What are you going to carry with you for more than a year? The answer: not more than I would if I left for two weeks. The only difference is that you might need to think a bit more about the details. For example: even though you are on a surf trip, you probably will leave the beach to discover the beauty of the inland. On some islands you can hike up volcanoes that are more than 3500 metres. Having spent several seasons snowboarding in ....

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Update: Another article with Reverse Magazine is online:"Bali - the happy place for surfers"

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