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Traveling around the world with one-way flight tickets is getting more common. One way flights are perfect for travelers that want to explore the world for a longer period of time and don't have a fix schedule that they are bound to. In addition the digital revolution also enables the so called Digital Nomads to work and travel around the world and this new way of living also relies on one-way flight to get around.

However these flexible lifestyles don't always fit into the reality of bureaucratic border controls. Many countries require that you show proof of return or onward flight to enter the country or obtain a visa. The check-in counter of your departure country can ask you to show a onward flight - without this you are denied access to the plane.

There have been some solutions to this problem. Some travelers just bought another one-way flight out of the country. But this flight won't be used - so it's just a waste of money. Another complicated solution is to buy a refundable ticket and then cancel it and get the money back as soon as you arrive at your destination. But not all the money will be refunded and it's a time consuming hassle.

The easy solution is to buy a onward ticket from

For $12 you buy a real flight ticket that is valid for 48 hours

This ticket can be shown at check-in at the airport and at border controls. All you have to do is fill out the form on, pay with PayPal and the ticket will be sent to your email address. The ticket is from a real airline and has a reservation code and ticket number - it can be checked and is 100% legal and safe.

Normally the ticket is sent within 60 to 120 minutes during working hours. Sometimes it only takes 10 to 30 minutes. The working hours are between 6:30-22:00, Bangkok Time (GMT +7). The booking can be made from everywhere to anywhere. BestOnwardTicket offers some additional services - if you want your onward ticket to have a specific destination this costs $4.99 extra. However a specific destination is not required to enter a country. Furthermore if you want to receive your ticket at a specific date and time it's just 1$ extra.

Overall this is a great, convenient service and a necessity for any serious long-term travelers. Check out their website and Facebook Page for special promotional codes. Happy travels!

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