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From bustling cities to empty beaches and hidden valleys. Java, one of the largest islands in Indonesia, offers a lot to explore. And of course there is great surf. Coming from Bali we hoped to find some remote beaches and empty line ups. And we found it! Our Java trip started in the east. Next to the famous G-land surf spot, we settled for a while in Pulau Merah (Red Island) and surfed some great righthander waves. By travelling further to the west we also visited Pacitan, another surfer town in Central Java. Unfortunately the swell and the sandbanks were not at its best and surf was pretty poor, so we moved on more west to Pangandaran - the main city near Batu Karas. Being tired of beach breaks (and the paddling it involves), we were hoping to find a reef break. So we sacrificed a chicken - just kidding! 😉 Some local surfers we met in Pangandaran took us on a surf expedition to a secret spot close by.The spot was a dream come true! A perfect, powerful, lefthander wave was there, only waiting for us with no other surfers in sight! To end our trip in Java, we visited the famous temple Borobudur near Yogyakarta. But there is still so much to explore and so many spots to surf - we definitely will come back to Java.


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