5 Useful Travel Websites You Need To Know

The days are long gone when you needed a travel agent in order to travel abroad. Booking flights and hotels online is normal. But there … Read More

Bali -the happy place for surfers

Article by Melanie on Reverse Magazine: BALI, FINALLY!As the airplane descends, you can already see waves and people surfing, as two of our favorite surf … Read More

Weltreise: Krankenkasse vs. Wohnsitz in der Schweiz

This article is only in german, because the information is only useful for Swiss citizens. (sorry – no French or Italian) Eine weit verbreitete Aussage im … Read More

Air Berlin – Worst Airline for Surfers

An airlines shows its true face when shit hits the fan. When something is out of the ordinary and it’s not a smooth journey … Read More

Gone Surfing

Article by Melanie on Reverse Magazine: Gone surfing! If we still had an apartment, that sign would hang on our front door for the … Read More

Work in progress

Hi there! Looking for more interesting articles? We are working on it. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date and read about us. … Read More

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