Wakesurfing Zürichsee 2020

HEY LEUTE! WAKESURFING ! Jetzt gehts los! Sommer ist da und hoffentlich ist der ganze Corona Bullshit auch bald vorbei. Wie jedes Jahr trommeln … Read More

Easiest way to buy a camper van in Chile – Suzi Santiago

Travelling along the Pan-American Highway or exploring Patagonia with a car, bike or camper van has become a popular overlanding adventure. Chile is known … Read More

How to buy a car or van in Chile

The best way to explore Chile, Patagonia or South America is with your own car or van. A camping vehicle gives you so much … Read More

New Zealand Surf Trip with a Campervan

Written by Melanie. Original publication in German on 20min.chWith or without surfboard – the best way to explore New Zealand is with a van. … Read More

Andi – Swiss Surfer in California

California should definitively be on everyone’s surf trip list. Even better if you live there – like Andi. He is an old friend from … Read More

ENLAIN – Holz Surfboard made in Switzerland

Die Schweiz hat auch ohne Meer eine beachtliche Anzahl an Surfern. Die meisten kombinieren ihre Leidenschaft mit Reisen und suchen in der Ferne nach … Read More

Traveling with one-way flights – BestOnwardTicket

Traveling around the world with one-way flight tickets is getting more common. One way flights are perfect for travelers that want to explore the … Read More

Japan – the underrated surf destination

Written by Melanie. Original publication in German on 20min.chYou don’t carry your luggage in Japan – You send it by courier to your accommodation. … Read More

Why Surfers should learn Freediving

The joy about surfing a wave can quickly change into fear for ones life, when a wave buries you with tons of water. In … Read More

Hiking Mount Ngauruhoe in New Zealand

Many of the spectacular landscapes of New Zealand are featured in Lord of the Rings (LOTR). Mount Ngauruhoe (2287 metres) is one of these movie … Read More

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